V&B (Alex Jacobs en Ellemieke Schoenmaker) is a dutch artist duo founded in Los Angeles in 2007. They are highly versatile switching effortless between abstraction and figuration as they do between the media of sculpture, painting and installation. Their work combines historic references with borrowed elements from the media and popular culture. Both spontaneous inspiration as critical interest reveal unexpected combinations that invite the viewer to search for commonly missed connotations.


V&B have had multiple solo and group exhibitions in National and International museums, exhibition spaces an galleries. Amongs others: Torrance Art Museum, Gemeente Museum Den Haag, TENT Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Galerie Jaap Sleper and Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago. Next to exhibitions they have received many awards and stipendia. Among others: The New Rembrandt by the AVRO, Royal Painting Prize and Stipendium Established Artist at the Mondriaan fund. Their work can be found in both private and other collections. For example Centraal Museum Utrecht, Museum Voorlinden, VU Medical Centre, AKZO NOBEL Art Foundation and Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milan, Italy.



V & B (Alex Jacobs en Ellemieke Schoenmaker) live and work in Rotterdam.


Solo Exhibitions:


2021 Early Display at the Society for the Appreciation of Hope, This Artfair, Amsterdam


2018 The Promotion of Deliberation, SCOPE artfair, Booth Jaap Sleper, Basel

2018 A Contemporary Recapitulation of 4 Optimistic Attitudes. (The Better me), AK24, Utrecht

2018 New Perspectives, ZigZag City, Office for Metropolitan Information, Rotterdam.


2016 The Grace of Maybe, Concordia, Enschede


2015 This Artfair, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam


2014 179 Easy Steps to a Masterpiece, Galerie Jaap Sleper, Utrecht 

2014 Art in Redlight, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam 

2014 179 Easy Steps to a Masterpiece, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, US


2013 Have you seen this painting, galerie with tsjalling, Groningen

2013 Re:Rotterdam, Home of your favorite artists, Rotterdam


2012 The Others Artfair, Booth Galerie Jaap Sleper, Torino

2012 Cologne ArtFair, Booth Galerie Jaap Sleper, Cologne

2012 V&B, Museum Hilversum, Hilversum 

2012 6 Easy Steps to a Masterpiece, Art The Hague, Artfair, Booth Galerie Jaap Sleper.

2012 I Remember Tomorrow, Galerie Jaap Sleper (former Galerie10), Utrecht

2012 Most of our Universe is Missing, Booth Galerie10, KunstRAI, Amsterdam

2012 The Untamed Reality of Magic, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Den Haag


2011 The Collection; FITAX solo, (Malerei) Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam

2011 The Work, The Study, The Oeuvre and The Collection, Galerie10, Utrecht


2010 Finding a New Religion (Private Viewing), ArtAmsterdam, Booth Galerie10


2009 Eternal Glory in Pseudo 3D, Actionfields//Vincent Verbist, Brussels, BE

2009 Art Athina, Galerie10, Athens, GR

2009 268 Masterpieces in RGB, TENT. Rotterdam

2009 Platforms (Hope Returns), Galerie10, Utrecht


2008 La Syndrome di Stendhal, RAIDprojects Los Angeles, USA.


Group exhibitions:


2022 Vouch, Loods 6 Amsterdam

2021 Hectobar 17.0, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam

2021 Art Rotterdam Week, K&C, Rotterdam

2021 GRAW, Bosland 28a,, Studio K&C, Rotterdam


2020 A Joy Forever #7, Galerie Luycks, Tilburg

2020 A KOCSMA, Air Pécsbagota 2007-2020, Ruimtevaart, Den Haag

2020 Groot Rotterdams Atelier Weekend, Studio K&C, Studio Bosland 28a, Rotterdam

2020 Royal Drippings, Galerie Luycks, Tilburg

2020 #SoftMarket, Frank Taal Galerie, Rotterdam (curator)

2020 Vouch, Studioweekend, Amsterdam/Rotterdam

2020 Pong, L.A.R.p, Los Angeles Rotterdam Project, online.

2020 Hectobar 8.0, Punch, Amsterdam

2020 This Artfair truck, Amsterdam

2020 Hectobar 5.0, Tent., Rotterdam

2020 Art Rotterdam week, K&C, Rotterdam.


2019 Hectobar 3.0, Neck of the Woods, Rotterdam

2019 Priceless, Neck of the Woods, Rotterdam

2019 Bcademie, Pension Almonde, Rotterdam (curator)

2019 Intervention 3.0, Neck of the Woods, rotterdam

2019 The Others, artfair Torino, booth Post Modern Collection

2019 Hectobar 2.0, Neck of the Woods, Rotterdam

2019 Often Unanswered, But Always Guessing, Neck of the Woods, Rotterdam     (+curator)

2019 Hectobar 1.0, Insulindestraat, Rotterdam

2019 Eindshow Bcademie, Gargage Rotterdam (+curator)

2019 Off Grid, Outsight Gallery, Amsterdam

2019 CO/LAB IV, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles (+co-curator)

2019 Art Rotterdam Week, K&C, Rotterdam

2019 Art Rotterdam Week, Amber Solo Gallery, Rotterdam (+curator)


2018 This Art Fair, Amber Solo Gallery, Amsterdam

2018 Perennial Art, O Tannenbaum, Berlin, Germany

2018 30 years K&C Keileweg, Rotterdam (+curator)

2018 On My Way to The Galactic Supermarket, Need Anything?, Garage Rotterdam, Rotterdam (+curator)

2018 Project Platforms, Booth Bcademie, Athens

2018 ArtRotterdam week, K&C, Rotterdam

2018 Jetzt Schlägt Dreizehn, Bcademie, Rotterdam (+curator)

2018 Art Swap, Galerie Hommes, Rotterdam

2018 Veiling de Aanschouw, TENT, Rotterdam


2017 Holland, TENT, Rotterdam

2017 Grenswerk 2017, Mom artspace, Hamburg


2016 ATC*, Martin Blerk Gallery, Antwerpen

2016 Project Platforms, Booth Bcademie, Athens


2015 First Show, SIDM, Rotterdam

2015 Romeo Echo Alpha Lima, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlijn, Duitsland

2015 Rotterdam Contemporary, Best of Kralingen, Slaakhuys, Rotterdam

2015 KunstRAI, Booth galerie with tsjalling

2015 KunstRAI, Ongekend, Annelien Kers, Amsterdam

2015 Under the Coke Sign, SBK Dordrecht.

2015 Social Peek, Galerie Beerenberg, Druten

2015 Shift & Drift, TENT. Rotterdam

2015 Grim, galerie with tsjalling, Groningen.

2015 we like art@ Art Rotterdam.


2014 I am not doing anything until I feel the need, De Nederlandse Bank, Amsterdam

2014 I am not doing anything until I feel the need, Openbare Bibliotheek, Amsterdam

2014 Start Buying Art, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

2014 BredaPhoto, Der Wanderer, Museum of the Image, Breda 

2014 Auction de Aanschouw, de Aanschouw, Rotterdam

2014 Fitax500, W139, Amsterdam

2014 MAS Attack, Vast Space Project, Las Vegas, US

2014 Kunst4Kids, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam

2014 We Like Art, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam

2014 Fitax500, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam


2013 Het lelijkste schilderij ter wereld, Horizonverticaal, Haarlem

2013 The Picture Show, Perennial Art, Galerie Jaap Sleper

2013 Narcissistic Tendencies, NEST, Den Haag

2013 Hello :), Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig, DE

2013 Pas op de plaats, KersGallery@De Nieuwe Poort, Amsterdam

2013 Obscuriteit en Duisternis, Loft Project Etagi, St. Petersburg

2013 Dutch Connenction, Titanik Gallery, Turku, curated by Heavy Merry Finland

2013 ScopeBasel, Basel (Groupshow, Galerie Jaap Sleper)

2013 Color Sharks, The Wand, Berlin (Groupshow)

2013 KunstRAI, Booth Galerie Jaap Sleper, Amsterdam

2013 For the Sake of Paint 2, The Flood, Galerie Witteveen, Amsterdam. 

2013 Added Value, Supermarket Artfair, Stockholm, Booth TUPAJUMI.COM

2012 de N8 in Arti, Museumnacht, Arti et Amicitae, Amsterdam

2012 De Nieuwe Rembrandt; uitzending gemist, De Korenbeurs, Schiedam

2012 Fitax500, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem

2012 Ongekend, Young Masters@Auction, Harbour Club, Amsterdam

2012 Fitax500, KNIPSU, Bergen Norway

2012 pARTytent, Prague, Budapest, Montenegro

2012 Fitax500, Kunstlerhaus Kreuzberg, Berlin

2012 PainterMania!, Jaap Sleper Galerie (former Galerie10)

2012 There’s No Pain in Painting, Charlois Art Weekend, Rotterdam. (curating)

2012 Große Malerei, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem

2012 Please don’t Please: Pick me Up, KERS Gallery, Amsterdam

2012 Wat doet u daar?, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem

2012 Re:Rotterdam, Home of your Favorite Artists, Rotterdam

2012 Collection Imaginaire, Buro Rotterdam, Rotterdam

2012 River of Hope, Tupajumi@SUPERMARKET art fair, Stockholm, SWEDEN

2011 Fitax 750, TENT. Rotterdam

2011 Collection Imaginaire, Arti et Amiticiae, Amsterdam

2011 Zwaan Kleef Aan, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem

2011 the second FITAX1500, Grimmuseum, Berlin, DE

2011 Aanschouw, de Veiling, De Aanschouw, Rotterdam

2011 I Should Have Done That, NEST, Den Haag

2011 Haus Berlin, IAC, Berlin, DE

2011 FITAX500, NEST, Den Haag

2011 Re:Amsterdam, ‘s Gravenhekje 1, Amsterdam

2011 FITAX1500, GrimMuseum, Berlin, DE

2011 Re:Rotterdam, Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam

2011 FITAX500, KC Basement, Rotterdam

2010 Dutch Treat, KNIPSU, Bergen, Norway (Esqobar)

2010 Challenging the myth of the painter, Stichting Outline, Amsterdam

2010 We Like 6%, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam

2010 á La Gitane, CBK Rotterdam, Rotterdam

2010 KLEUR 02, DEK22, Rotterdam

2010 Wish is in Design, RC de Ruimte Amsterdam, Amsterdam

2010 Zomerexpositie, Galerie10, Utrecht

2010 Liefde in de kunst, Museum Le Secet, Zeeland

2010 Balans, VU exposorium, Amsterdam

2010 Shaved or Natural, gallery 182a, Rotterdam

2010 Hannie en Ben Loerakker als curator, RC de Ruimte, IJmuiden

2010 Girl Overkill, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, DE

2010 Tupajumi:Cabin Fever, The Co-Prosperity SPhere, Chicago, USA

2009 Trendbeheer meets proximity, The Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, USA

2009 Girl overkill,The Forgotten Bar, Berlin, DE

2009 Booth Action Fields Gallery, Lineart, the art fair, Gent, BE

2009 De Keuze van de Burgermeester, groupshow@ Boterhal, Hoorn

2009 Open Studios GlogauAIR Berlin,DE

2009 The Whole Nine Yards, Action Fields Gallery, Brussel, BE

2009 Contemporary Visitors, Hatyuhaz Pécs, HU

2009 Daddy touched my Birdy, Gallery 182a Rotterdam

2009 Tupajumi: Miami, Hudson Museum Rotterdam

2008 Combined Vishal, Haarlem

2008 Hallucinations & Hallelujah’s, Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch

2008 Royal painting prize, GEM museum, Den Haag

2008 ULTRASONIC INTERNATIONAL III, Mark Moore gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2008 Tupajumi, the Factory, Sigmaringen, DE

2008 Tentoonstelling 8, Galerie10, Utrecht.

2008 Blind Faith (Rietveld versus Friedrich), Galerie10, Utrecht.

2008 Trendbeheer presenteert NFO XPO, version08, chicago, USA

2008 Rotterdam Art Rocks! (video screening), TENT., Rotterdam,

2008 Housewarming36, 165B project space, Rotterdam (curator R. Theunissen)



2021 Corona overbrugging kunstenaar, Mondrian Fund, Amsterdam

2021 The Cocktail Era, Makersloket, Stichting Droom en Daad, Rotterdam

2021 Hectobar, , Makersloket, Stichting Droom en Daad, Rotterdam

2020 Project Fund, Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam

2018 Research & Development stipend, Centre Visual Arts Rotterdam

2015 Stipendium for Established Artists, Mondriaan fund, Amsterdam

2012 Winner AVRO television show ‘In search of the New Rembrandt’.

2012 Design for series of 5 euro coins (Rietveld Schröder house, Amsterdam, Kinderdijk), Ministry of Finance, Den Haag.

2012 Research & Development stipend, Centre Visual Arts Rotterdam.

2011 The Fair Maiden, Sculpture for the Public Prosecution Service in Groningen.

2010 Basic Stipend, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam

2010 Production Stipend Stokroos foundation, Utrecht

2010 The Netherlands and Painting, design 5 euro coin, Ministry of Finance, Den Haag.

2009 Research & Development stipend, Centre Visual Arts Rotterdam.

2009 Basic Stipend, Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam

2008 Winner of the Royal Painting Prize presented by her majesty Queen Beatrix.

2008 Nominated for the Charlotte van Pallandt sculpture prize.

2008 Nominated for the Young Sculptor Award, Arnaldo Pomodoro Foundation, Milan 




Museum Voorlinden, De Heus-Zomer, Centraal Museum Utrecht. VU, Medical centre, Amsterdam. AKZO NOBEL Art foundation. Public Prosecution Service Groningen, Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, Milan, Italy. CBK Rotterdam, The Hague. SBK, Amsterdam. Aegon Art Collection, Den Haag. National en international private collections.




2017 Grenswerk, Tripkau, Germany.

2014 18th Street Arts Center, Santa Monica, USA

2009 Post 15, Pécsbagota, Hongarije

2009 GlogauAir, Berlijn, Duitsland

2009 Künstlerhaus Bethanien 

2007  RAID Projects, Los Angeles, USA




2019-now Tutor Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam

2019-now Founder/Organizer Hectobar.nl

2018-now Founder/Organizer Amber Solo Gallery

2015-now Founder/Organizer/Boardmember Bcademie Foundation, alternative post-academy 

2014-15     Founder/Organizer Swartmark.com, alternative anonymous online gallery.

2010-now Boardmember Foundation and Society Kunst en Complex, studiocomplex in Rotterdam.

2017-18      Team V&B, Bcademie tutor team.

2018            Misc. Lectures V&B

2017            Lecture en Workshop, St Joost Breda en Den Bosch.

2016            Workshop, Aki enschede.

2014            Lecture The Artwork as a product, KABK, Den Haag

2013            Tutoring 3e years KABK, Den Haag        

2012/2013  Tutor Autonomous 3rd en 4th year, Artez Hoge school voor Kunsten,

2011-2017   Founder/Organizer bij KC Basement exhbitionspace Kunst en Complex

2011-2014   Founder/Organizer Re:Rotterdam, alternative Artfair.

2003-2016  Boardmember Tupajumi, creator and organizer.