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Hectobar @ Heejsteck#


HECTOBAR 28 Offline

When: Saturday February 17

Setup Time: 19:30h-20:30h.

Start Time: 20:30h.

Finish: 22:00h.

Location: Heejsteck#, Utrecht

ENTRANCE FEE €5,-  (Max. 3 Works)





1. Send an email to

2. We will send confirmation and tikkie.

3. Join us at the Heejsteck# at 19:30h to hang your work.

4. Have a drink, socialize and trade or sell.

PS. All walls in the Heejsteck# are made of wood

and plaster, easy for screws or nails. We will have nails and screws.

For special hanging please contact us.

There are some pedestals for 3d work too.

Please contact us.

See you Then and There!











Questions please email.

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